The history of Hermès brikin and hermes kelly bags

How We Ensure Your Hermes Delivery Is Safe

fake hermes belt Buying your very own Hermes handbag is, for many, a lifetime dream fulfilled. It is an ultimate investment in luxury and is something you indulge in having taken quality consideration into your purchase. Moreover, as each bag has been precisely handcrafted in Paris by expert artisans, we want to ensure that your Hermes delivery arrives safely, securely and in immaculate condition.

Hermes Delivery Box

The excitement of receiving your Hermes delivery

replica hermes duffle bag While it is possible to pick up your Hermes handbag from our London showroom in Regent’s Park, we are fortunate enough to have a worldwide audience, so we take special measures when delivering your Hermes bag. We wrap each bag extremely carefully to ensure that the Hermes box and its contents inside stays perfectly intact and arrives in mint condition.

hermes belt replica We have over 15 years’ experience in delivering Hermes bags and we have built up a network of trusted and vetted couriers that help transport your purchase for a prompt and pristine arrival. We personally recommend MapCargo. Specialising in delivering luxury goods, they are available 24 hours a day to speak to clients and provide accurate tracking information – vital when you have made such a significant investment. All deliveries require a signature to ensure a safe arrival, plus we can also arrange insurance to cover delivery at an additional cost.

Alternatively, private courier services are also available to deliver your Hermes bag, with the cost of this method calculated on an individual premise.

Hermes Kelly Handbag and Hermes Constance

We always take extra measures to ensure your Hermes bag arrives in pristine condition

hermes sandals replica Furthermore, as every Hermes bag is unique, so is your delivery! This means that some bags’ delivery costs will be higher, but we are 100% honest and upfront about the cost of shipping to different international locations. Any customs, import duties or tax charges will be accrued by the purchaser for the delivery process and not Bags of Luxury. This additional costs will vary with each location but we always provide you with the delivery costs at the earliest stage possible. We do this so there are no hidden charges down the line and you can rest assured your new investment will arrive in the signature orange Hermes box in a swift, safe and protected manner.

hermes bag price replica In addition, if you purchased an exotic skin bag (alligator, crocodile, or lizard) from outside the European Union, we will apply for a CITES export license in order to deliver the bag. CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and it’s 100% necessary as it is possible for the bag to be confiscated without this license. Thus, we take special care to ensure your bag arrives safely and legally. In order to obtain this license, you will need to allow 10 working days for it to be processed and registered.

With regards to when you will receive your Hermes delivery, Bags of Luxury will only dispatch the piece once all funds have cleared.

Purple Hermes Kelly Handbags

We ensure all procedures are met before delivering your Hermes bag

replica hermes taschen Bags of Luxury will always work to creating a bespoke delivery process for your latest purchase and look forward to helping you soon! If you’ve found a bag you love, why not get in touch or browse our beautiful selection of Hermes Birkin, Kelly or Constance bags.

Sealed With A Stamp: The Hermes Horseshoe

birkin bag replica Any fashionista worth their salt knows how difficult it is to get your dream Hermes handbag. When even the world’s most coveted celebrities may have to wait years on the Hermes waiting list, sourcing your own can be a difficult task. Whether it is a classic Birkin, a stylish Kelly or an elegant Constance, their prestige is only matched by their exclusivity. But did you know that there is an even rarer type of Hermes bag? Completely bespoke handbags that are never likely to be made again? On special occasions, Hermes make custom made ‘special order’ bags that are entirely tailored to the personal taste of a privileged client. They are identifiable by their Horseshoe stamp next to the Hermes engraving.

Hermes Kelly Orange Etain Bi-colour with Brushed Palladium

The exclusive Hermes horseshoe stamp

hermes replica bags Around once or twice a year, Hermes allows a select number of clientele to create their own bespoke Hermes handbag. These ‘Horseshoe’ bags are curated by the expert artisans at Hermes workshops using the customer’s specifications and specific instructions giving by clients. With an array of exciting possibilities (can you imagine how you would feel if you had free reign to create your own Hermes?) these special order bags often feature totally new and unique combinations of exotic skins, leather, and distinct hardware, making them some of Hermes’ most sensational pieces ever produced. Many Horseshoe bags feature an extravagant bi or tri-color combinations not found on any other Hermes product past, present, or even future. The element of personal style and customization is what makes these bags so coveted, and the opportunity to acquire your own is so different and exciting! The only consistent feature of every special order bag is their signature horseshoe stamp that distinguishes that the bag as extravagantly personalized and has been made to custom specifications. The unique nature also ensures that imitations of the bag are unlikely to ever surface, ensuring that their value will only ever increase in time. And here at Bags of Luxury, we have one of our own available for you to purchase.

Hermes Kelly Orange Etain Bi-colour with Brushed PalladiumHermes Kelly Orange Etain Bi-colour with Brushed Palladium

kelly hermes bag replica This incredible Hermes Kelly Horseshoe Etain is not only a fantastic purchase but also a great investment. It comes in a unique bi-color of sophisticated grey combined with Hermes’ signature orange color, that adds a hint of exuberance to this chic handbag. This exclusive color conveys refinement and vivacious energy, making it suitable for all or just special occasions. In addition, the bag’s shade is perfectly matched with brushed palladium that connotes a refined opulence, in keeping with the rest of the design. This special order bag has been curated with soft Togo leather which has a lovely pronounced grain and is highly resilient, meaning that it is extremely receptive to Hermes’ exclusive bag spa treatments.

Hermes Kelly Orange Etain Bi-colour with Brushed PalladiumHermes Kelly Orange Etain Bi-colour with Brushed Palladium

Generally speaking, special order Hermes Kelly bags are rarer than their Birkin counterparts, so we recommend enquiring about this bag by filling out this simple inquiry form soon!

hermes bag replica After she lost her job, Angela Rivers found herself in need of some quick cash. Instead of heading to her bank, she delved into her Brooklyn closet. An avid shoe and handbag collector, she took out her cherished chocolate brown Birkin and went across the river to Manhattan, where she had an appointment in the chaotic diamond district at a pawn shop called New York Loan Company.

replica hermes side bag On West 47th Street, New York Loan Company visitors edge past fast-talking gold hawkers, jewelry hustlers, murmurs of Yiddish slang and ever-present police to enter the gleaming 35-story International Gem Tower, where the pawnshop is on the third floor. There Ms. Rivers planned to use her handbag for a loan.

“As soon as I walked into the beautiful building, I knew there was going to be no hanky-panky,” said Ms. Rivers, who was initially skeptical about her visit.

replica hermes bag 2019 In the marble lobby, visitors are fingerprinted and pass through an X-ray scanner before ascending in a highly secured elevator. “I walked into that office, and I thought, this is the real deal,” Ms. Rivers said. “The level of sophistication was totally different from what I expected.”

replica hermes belts “I’ve expanded the business to two locations, and we also do a ton of art now, and we do flatware, we do wine — and handbags,” Mr. Tabach-Bank said in his California shop, a few blocks away from Rodeo Drive. He is finalizing plans for a third location, in Chicago.

replica birkin bag price Mr. Tabach-Bank finds that his New York clients are more likely to be businesspeople than those in Beverly Hills. “We get a lot of women in the financial community as well as men who bring in their wife’s or significant other’s handbags,” he said. In California, the pawnshop draws in the Hollywood set with actors, producers, and screenwriters looking for fast cash.

“We get socialites and a lot more divorcées in Beverly Hills than New York for some reason,” he said.

replica herme bag Mr. Tabach-Bank said it’s not uncommon for people to take their Birkins, or other valuables, in and out of the pawnshop, using them like a credit card, whether it’s for an investment opportunity, for paying off business fees or simply because they are hard up for cash. “We pride ourselves on acting quickly,” he said.

“People often call and ask: ‘What percentage can you pay on the retail of an Hermès handbag?’”

The condition is everything, he said. Does it come with a box? Does it have the dust bag? Does it have the clochette and the key?

“That’s very important,” he said. “And what color is it? Some people like the staples — the beiges, the browns, the blacks. And then here in Beverly Hills yellow, chartreuse, purple — they do very well.”

replica hermes birkin price Mr. Tabach-Bank, whose sister, Lauren, works at T: The New York Times Style Magazine, will loan against pristine Channels as well but prefers Birkins and Kellys (the Birkin’s little sister named for Grace Kelly). They are worth roughly $4,000 to as much as six figures for hard-to-find models and have a high resale value. (According to a 2016 research study by, an online marketplace for high-end handbags, Birkins have gone up in value by 500 percent in the last 35 years — a figure that outpaced the price of gold.)

kelly bag replica Considering their covetable, and rare, status, it’s not surprising that there has been a spike in high-quality counterfeit bags. “I bought a fake, and if you haven’t bought a fake, you haven’t been dealing in enough bags as far as I’m concerned,” Mr. Tabach-Bank said. Now he is extra cautious. He examines the stitching, and he identifies specific stamps and can often tell a real from a fake simply from the weight of the bag, which he emphasized is heavier than it looks.

Ms. Rivers didn’t risk buying a fake. She picked up her Birkin at an Hermès shop in Paris as a gift to herself for her 50th birthday. And it’s a gift she’s not letting go of.

“That bag was my pride and joy,” she said. “In the next couple weeks, I absolutely plan to retrieve it.”

replica hermes canada Hermès is deep in the business of “creating desire,” as the brand’s CEO puts it, and the Birkin bag is the company’s most precious possession. Seeing the need to pull back the curtain a bit, Purseblog recently opened the floor for its community to share their own tales of trying to snag one of the elusive, über-expensive bags. Here are some of the best tips we picked up from the 100+ responses:

1. Build up a reputation by paying for many other things over a long period of time before asking about a Birkin.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 “The first time, I hadn’t built up as much of a relationship with H as I have now. I went in, bought a scarf and a bracelet, and at the checkout, I decided to ask if it was possible to see a Birkin (oh how naive I was). They told me that they didn’t have any in stock and I would have to be put on the waiting list. So, I put my name on there and informed them that I wanted a 40 cm in black Togo with palladium hardware. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. Every once in a while, I would stop in and maybe buy something small, like a perfume or an agenda refill, just so I could check in and see if they had any in stock. I think it took around 18 months (and thousands of dollars later) before they finally said “we have a Birkin in the back.” They informed me that it was black chèvre with gold hardware, and it was the 35. I asked to look at it, and I decided to get it. I’m not one who matches the hardware of their bags to their jewelry, so I decided to just get that one. And I liked it a lot. I used it regularly until it was floppy and distressed.”

2. If you don’t have a personal connection to a sales associate, try to work around the brand.

birkin hermes bag replica “I bought three for my mom using the American Express Platinum Concierge. I called and told them what I wanted and they put me on hold, called a few stores and within an hour each time I was in the store picking up the bag. I’ve been an AmEx holder and concierge user for a while so that helped. Either way, it’s a game to play to get the bags.”

3. Or, just woo an unknown sales associate.

hermes birkin replica “One day I came to Hermes rue du Faubourg in Paris to see what new colors they have for Hapi bracelet. I picked up a bamboo (bright green) bracelet and a cashmere scarf (actually it’s for my mom). I didn’t expect to get a bag that day. The SA who was with me was so nice, it was the first time I met him, we talked a lot about the new season colors and how I love them. Before we go to the till, I told him it will be lovely to have a matching bag with my bracelet. He told me to wait and see if he got something. He checked his computer and disappeared. A few minutes later he came back with an orange box (super excited the moment I saw it!!) and asked me to go upstairs. It was quiet there. He opened the box and there it was, Birkin 35 in bamboo with palladium hardware. I forgot if it’s too or Epsom. The bracelet I bought was in gold hardware though. I tried it on and although it’s a bit big for me i decided to get it (and cracked my credit card).”

4. Look “deserving” of the bag.

replica hermes belt “I bought my Birkins from a fabulous SA. She did tell me when I initially asked how to purchase one that you need to be “deserving”. If I wasn’t so interested in getting one I would have been turned off. I was also able to customize a Birkin which was a cool experience.”

5. Or just go to Las Vegas, where it’s impossible to judge how much money people have based on their looks.

replica hermes picotin “I wanted to mention a little “trick” I learned in Las Vegas from an SA at Valentino last week. He said they all treat customers better in LV because they literally can’t tell who has the money or not and quite a few of the people who shop at those stores have never been to one before. He said if they were as snooty as other locations they would literally lose business. After visiting a few shops, including Hermes, I think he was telling me the truth as I found all the SA’s at all the stores to come right up and ask me if I needed help. And I was carrying a very non-designer bag! Long story short, if you want to buy a Birkin, try one of the (3, I think) LV stores.”

6. It helps to have a husband.

replica birkin bag hermes price list “The bag came in two weeks before my niece’s wedding and we had already invested a great deal in the wedding. When we (my husband and I) finally saw ‘her’ I asked for a day to think and was told politely, if you don’t get the bag now then you’ll wait for another 2 yrs to qualify. I said before we spend $11k ( the money finally hit me) I said, I need 24 hours. So 24 hrs and a sleepless night later we went to the store. It was then I decided no I couldn’t do it and when I turned to find my SA to give her my final decision, I was handed the bag. My husband decided the bag was timeless, made by hand, could be resold and knew it would make ME happy.”

7. The bags that reeked of weed can work out in your favor.

replica hermes bag 2018 “I was completely surprised when my SA offered me the chance to place a special order for a bag and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I was able to choose everything on my Birkin – size, exterior and interior leather color, the hardware color, and stitching – I waited about 9 months and finally got to enjoy my gorgeous Hermes bag. I was offered another [special order] and this time chose the Kelly. Unfortunately, after another long wait, I was one of the unlucky ones who received a defective, stinky bag. My boutique handled the problem quickly and in the end, I was allowed to place another [special order] and received a perfect Kelly a year later.”

8. Just go to a store and ask.

replica hermes birkin bag price “I really do not understand why it is so hard to get a Birkin. It just seems like a turnoff to me. I guess my mom was one of the lucky ones since she got her first Birkin the first time she asked. AND SHE WAS WEARING OLD NAVY FLIP FLOPS AND TIGHTS ON THAT DAY. She bought 2 scarves and a Kelly wallet. After paying for those she asked for a Birkin and my mom walked home with a BIG orange bag in her hands.”

Hermes Accessory Guide: Bracelets

replica hermes australia As we all know, Hermes is internationally admired as purveyors of luxury bags. However, have you ever thought about adding one of their luxury lifestyle accessories to your collection? As well as their famous bags, Hermes specializes in a number of bracelet styles that convey extravagance in an instant. Get inspired by reading our guide below and in no time you’ll be awaiting your delivery of a Hermes bracelet in its signature orange box.

Hermes Bracelet Guide

The feeling when you receive that little orange box.

hermes blanket replica Every fashionista needs an array of bracelets to complete the look she desires. Some can be discreet and alluring while others are bold, striking and daring. The use of bracelets conveys personality and is a clear statement about the wearer. Popularised by Ancient Egyptians, who decorated their wrists with precious stones joined by gold, wearing bracelets was an indicator of class and they often stayed with the wearer in their journey into the afterlife. Nearly every historical civilization or culture ranging from ancient Greece to Chinese dynasties have worn bracelets, bangles or trinkets as a keeper of spiritual harmony and indicator of identity. Therefore, if you want to appeal to the luxury lifestyle that Hermes represents, there is no better way to align yourself than with one of their luxurious bracelets.

Hermes CDC Bracelet

The undeniable style of a Hermes CDC bracelet

hermes bracelet replica The most iconic bracelet that Hermes produces is the Collier de Chien (often abbreviated to CDC). Instantly recognizable by its pyramid shaped studs made with luxurious metals, the Collier de Chien also has an adjustable strap and is one of the most in-demand bracelets in the world. French for ‘dog’s collar’, the CDC is often seen on the wrists of A-list celebrities and the enviable piece has a wonderful history. The concept for this bracelet started with a client request for Hermes to provide a luxurious collar for their bulldog. So popular was this design, in 1927 Hermes began creating Hermes belts reciprocating the dog collar design that Parisians just loved. Later on, in the 1940’s, Hermes created its first bracelet using this same design and the Collier de Chien has been incredibly sought after ever since. Coming in a variety of leathers and colors, the CDC is an audacious accessory that exudes confidence and power. Owning a Collier de Chien will ensure that you are carrying a piece of fashion history on your arm.

Hermes CDC Amethyste

The incredible Hermes CDC Amethyste

replica black hermes bag While the CDC is Hermes’ most popular bracelet, you also have a plethora of options to choose from when deciding your dream Hermes bracelet. A popular choice for many is the ‘H Bracelet’, much more delicate than the CDC, but with a Hermes ‘H’ evident for all to see. Its design is similar to the popular ‘H’ belts and is a great choice for any that wishes to bestow themselves to the iconic Hermes brand.

replica hermes gypsy bag Away from the two aforementioned bracelets, Hermes has extended its accessory range and has created a decadent array of bracelets using the most precious metals. Available in both gold and silver, they are often accompanied decadently with diamonds, making them incredibly valuable and exclusive – available to only a lucky select few. Other materials used for bracelets includes the intriguing enamel, horn, or lacquer which gives the wearer a unique accessory to stand out.

replica hermes belt bag One of the most popular incorporations in the Hermes bracelet would be the use of Hermes’ signature leathers. For example, this wonderful Collier de Chien Geranium has been crafted using the extraordinary matt alligator leather. Its distinct pattern adds a layer of luxury and is matched perfectly with a powerful and emotive geranium red. To complete the look, this bracelet is adorned with lavish gold hardware which, when combined with the bracelet’s opulent scarlet hue, sets it apart from any other bracelet.

Hermes CDC Geranium

The fiery Hermes CDC Geranium

birkin replica Another leather that has been carefully selected to craft Hermes bracelets from is swift. This leather powerfully absorbs the dye, making colors burst into life, radiating personality. Nothing says Hermes quite like this Collier de Chien Orange with swift leather. Featuring Hermes’ signature orange it will invigorate your look whilst grabbing the attention of passers-by. Furthermore, its gold hardware emphasizes the energy found in the orange hue, adding refinement and luxury.

Hermes CDC Orange

The energetic Hermes CDC Orange

replica hermes twilly An interesting bracelet we have here at Bags of Luxury is the Collier de Chien Prune. Made with wonderful suede leather, its velvety finish is so soft to touch. It is an extremely precious bracelet and can be worn to your most high profile events, especially as it is finished with palladium hardware that glistens under the spotlight.

Hermes CDC Prune

The elegant Hermes CDC Prune

The history of Hermès

In 1837, Thierry Hermès (1801–1878) first established Hermès as a harness workshop on the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris dedicated to serving European noblemen.

Thierry Hermès

Thierry Hermès

hermes bags replica He created some of the finest wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade. Over the following decades Hermes developed into one of the most famous saddlery retailers and they also began to produce leather bags to feed the horse, to house the saddles and to carry other accessories for riders such as boots, whips and riding hats. The horse really was the first Hermes client.

Hermès Frères advertisement, 1923Hermès Frères advertisement, 1923

Here we outline the bags that Hermes produce and a little morsel of the extraordinary place in history this fashion household.

Picotin bag

This was inspired by the nosebag for a horse to be able to feed whilst walking. This bag was simple, functional with raw edges and no lining.

Haut a courier bag

Produced in 1900 this is the oldest bag produced by Hermes. It was a specially designed bag, with a high trapezoid shape, for riders to carry their saddles or other paraphernalia and is the closest product to the bags produced today.

Trim bag

hermes kelly replica This was used in the days of horse and carriage to be filled with hay and put around the neck of horses as a mobile manger. It was actually in 1958 that Hermes re-visited this mini-picnic kit and made it into a ladies’ holdall. The fashion house also transformed the original hook into a belt buckle.


In 1978 Evelyne Bertrand as head of Hermes Riding Department decided to offer the grooms a leather carryall for their brushes and sponges and so on. The bag which now bears her name had air holes and was in an H-shape set in a horseshoe oval.

replica hermes usa It was In 1922, that the first leather handbags were introduced for us human clients. Émile-Maurice Hermes’ wife complained of being unable to find a suitable one to her liking. Thus the iconic leather luxury house was truly born as we know it today.

Jypsiere bag

Jean- Paul Gaultier decided to complement his AW 2008 show with a bag that would speak of nature, of hunting and drew inspiration from the original Hermes riding bags.

Sac a depeches, Metta Catharina

birkin bag hermes replica The ship Frau Metta Catharina, which had sunk in 1786, was unearthed in the 1970’s by the English marine archeology society. Inside they found rolls of leather in perfect condition. Hermes purchased some of this leather in 1993 and produced this Sac a depeches, one of the house’s emblematic designs, from leather that had lain for more than 200 years at the bottom of the sea.

Sac-Mallette bag

replica garden party hermes An overnight bag initially mentioned during the Renaissance. First fastened by the cord, a Parisian manufacturer had the idea of adopting a lockable iron clasp called a Vuillard for the overnight bag. He added two handles and a base allowing it to stand. This piece of luggage is what inspired Hermes to create the Mallette bag in the 1920’s.

Sac a depeches

replica hermes birkin 35 This is essentially a sort of school bag satchel for men. ‘Depeche’ or dispatches was what was known as news and latest information. This bag was created in 1928 to carry these documents. Still the most popular for special orders at Hermes you can have any number of pouches and in any size.

Lindy bag

best hermes replica Designed by Frederic Vidal this bag had the handles on the smaller sides allowing the bag to fold in on itself. One opens the bag by simply taking hold of the Hermes saddle rivet with thumb and index finger. This is one of the fashion houses biggest success stories.

Paris-Bombay bag

This is a country doctor’s bag converted into a modern carryall. Created in 2008, the year of ‘Indian Fantasies’ This bag has large sides which are attached to long fine handles.

Plume bag

This bag was inspired by a blanket-holder used in the 1920s. It was one of the first bags created by Hermes in soft unlined leather. It is made inside out and then at the end turned back out to produce a perfect ladylike handbag.

Kelly bag

This was created around 1930 and gained its name when Grace Kelly used it as a shield against the paparazzi and the image was shown on the cover of Time magazine. A perfect handbag with the clasp that Hermes is renowned for.

Birkin bag

fake hermes belt In 1983 Jane Birkin sat beside Jean Louis Dumas, the director of Hermes, on a flight to London from Paris. She dropped her Hermes diary and papers spilled everywhere. She exclaimed no bag ever had enough pockets to hold all her papers! This is a large bag that was strong and beautiful and soon enough it was to be one of the most sought-after designs in the world.

Bolide bag

replica hermes duffle bag The word bolide meant meteor at first and then in the twentieth century the French called the fast new cars ‘bolides’. Emile Hermes created this bag for a friend who was passionate about the automobile in 1923. After finding the zipper in America he attached this to the bolide and the bag as we know it was born.

Verrou clutch

The clutch bag was created in 1938. It was closed by a silver bolt and after Andy Warhols’ muse Ultra Violet returned the one Andy Warhol had once bought her to Hermes, the house decided to produce a new version with a silver and palladium bolt.

Constance bag

The designer Catherine Chaillet named the bag after her daughter Constance who was born, as was the bag in 1959. With an H-shaped fastener and a cleverly adjustable strap, the bag can be worn over the shoulder or held by the side.

hermes belt replica With so many wondrous stories and such an illustrious past, Hermes conjures up a story to it that many other fashion houses can’t even begin to compete alongside. The fact that the stunning bags they create remain so prized is the testament to the fashion house’s design brilliance and luxurious quality.